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BIO: Tone Tatts
(Chief Tattoo Artist/ Piercing Practitioner/
Pro Realism/ Owner)




Tony has had every wind of urban culture; so much so, that his passion for art has exponentially grown at his prime more than ever! Was this the way it was for him all his life? Absolutely not. 


Aside from the sheer fact he worked endless hours at a Funeral home many years back, he eventually grew cold to the corporate Job mindset and finally chose to boldly take matters into his own, by way of investing his own time, capital, and creativity to the streets of Camden, New Jersey… and it hasn’t been the same ever since! 


With so many amazing ideas he had marinating in his creative thinking, he pushed the envelope once more by investing into Real Estate, and in turn was granted with 2 large separate Studio properties. With patience, diligence and humble drive- he remained committed in displaying his bewildering talent for all to see. 

By this, he made a profound choice to gather an assembly of the most talented tattoo artists within his circle of associates, create a think tank, which in turn ultimately gave birth to the new found Tattoo and Piercing Studio “Twisted Tatt2’s & Piercings”.


His style is as eclectic and diverse as the very clients that come through the doors. He has been always influenced by a lot of things, but mainly it's the people by which he surrounds himself with that he draws the most from. 


Tony is currently promoting and hosting art events at several tattoo conventions and hopes to eventually expand “Twisted Tatt2’s & Piercings. Twisted Tatt2’s is known to always feature local tattooers/artists and provide a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy art. He thinks art should be fun, involving and intriguing without being pretentious. All in all, he will always love what he does and will essentially share it to anyone who'll take a look! Take a quick tour of his Gallery to finally see what you have been missing all of this time!

Have an idea you have longed to get tattooed but never was able to find the right Tattoo Artist to do it? Have you even been thinking about getting that one sexy piercing, but was scared of who was actually going to do it?


This is where the confusion stops here! TwistedTatt2’s is home to the finest artists specializing in everything from Portraits, Wicked Script Lettering, Urban- Heritage based art, Custom Airbrushing, down to giving you that cool piercing you’ve always wanted! Take a quick run through our artist’s galleries in the 'TEAM Gallery' tab above to see how amazing this team is.


Here at TwistedTatt2’s we are licensed professionals with years of experience in the field of today’s tattoo industry, and will do everything to make sure that you leave with a smile from ear to ear. We are that serious. Our studio and crew are really kind, welcoming, and feel honored to ever do business with you. This is your home now, so let’s get to it.                     ~The T-EAM










Twisted Tatt2's Piercings Studio
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