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Safety Guidelines and Sterilization



Safety First! 
At Twisted Tatt2's & Piercings Studio we are just as concerned with the customer's safety as we are with our own. It all starts with proper hygiene: bathing, hand-washing, clean clothing etc.


Before and after every tattoo and body piercing we clean our area with microbicidal spray. Every customer gets a one time use needle, when being tattooed or pierced. All needles are also sterilized before hand in our Hydroclave. The tools used in piercings and the tubes used for tattoos are all scrubbed until spotless, and then sterilized. Disposable ink caps are used to put your ink in, to ensure that every customer gets their own supply of ink.


Our artists and piercers wear disposable latex gloves. We also use disposable nitrile gloves that do not contain latex, for those sensitive to latex. We follow these basic guidelines very strictly, along with the universal precautions for cross-contamination. We are proud to say that we helped set the state of Wisconsin guidelines and regulations for tattooing and body piercing. If you have any addition questions please contact us!

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